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  • Timon6814

    when can merger server? 

  • Forza18

    when transfer account ??
    What date??
    What time is it?

  • XMenX

    Hi i can't do account transfer is say coming soon

  • raky

    We were Kreon players, what if we forgot our email address that registered to the previous server? And what if the registered email address can not be accessed any longer? How to get the verification code? Thank you.

  • raymondooi1911

    can i transfer my old account when i already have an existing account with estgames and also what time will be the transfer page be available? it was announced that it will be available in the afternoon. please post a more accurate or precise time? there are some of us that ensured our old account are being transferred as announced time. thank you very much.

  • Setankecil
  • broknight
    to transfer an account to which a select cabal of indonesia's boss?
  • spartacus99

    why kreon can't transfer old account sir?

  • Ashey1989

    Cabal file corrupt missionbattle.enc

    How to solve this error?

    Already tried these:
    1.Check file.
    2.Deleted the missionbattle.enc file then check file.

  • limosindeal

    I Can't Transfer my old account from Kreon, it says "Not Found Account.....", i'm sure my old account ID n old Sub-Password is right.

  • Extreme

    I Can't Transfer my old account from My/Sg, it says "Not Found Account.....", i'm sure my old account ID n old Sub-Password is right.

    but i change the new ID and Password from EST Cabal, like this is not available?

    If cannot how to recover back.


  • dortamboss77

    Im sorry before im not good in English,
    The problem is, im form Indonesia server under KREON..cabal Indonesia there are. 2 servers exists.. 1.Mars ,2.zenith
    I have a higher Class on both the server..
    The problem is my character ,in Mars successful transfer (forceshielder lvl 195 Nick XOFarabraB) but mycharacter in Zenith can't be transfered (blader lvl 186 nick Keylesoon)
    Please I want a asnwer, and please fix this thank you.

  • khoatran4

    Hi !

    I'm from Vietnam service and have a question.

    How can I transfer my facebook account from VietNam AsiaSoft. There is an error form the afternoon till now.

    Moreover, how can we receive code via facebook account.


    Thank you.

  • Akuma

    I can't transfer my account from sea. It say Not Found Account.. 

  • sokin77

    i have 2 account,,from caba sea and cabal office indonesia,, and both of them have same ID and password, and when i transfer,,i just can transfer 1 account cabal sea,,how about my account in cabal office indonesia,,??

    please help me,, :'(

  • tee108

    I can key in wrong log in password ,how to unblock my ID due to wrong password ?

  • rencewill16

    hey, im from indonesia service ( KREON ), i tried to transfer my old account but it keep saying " cannot transfer bcause character already transfered ". pls tell me whats going on? i mean it was unseccessfull, how can it already transfered?  

  • Ryona

    Hi i went back to asiasoft to reset my password because i forget my login pw. But still when i go est to login my old cabal, it does not recognize my id.

  • jump0202

    I have an account cabal Asiasoft-VN is registered by facebook account. Why when I switch accounts from the system back estgames error: "Error occured while processing của request. Please try again." Why is that? How do I transfer account with facebook to estgames ????????????

  • liosouls

    I Can't Transfer my old account from Kreon, it says "Not Found Account.....", i'm sure my old account ID n old Sub-Password is right.

    i remember all of my data from old ID, what else do I need to be able to transfer my id?

    why there was no response at all from the game master??? hallooo... is anybody there???

  • mastergapteck

    I have problem with missionbattle.enc .... file corrupt, and i try to copy file from my friend ... then i try again and work until logo cabal but then force close .... force close because file cabalmain is crash .... please help me .... any solution 

  • liosouls

    install ulang aja bro, temen gw jg gt awal2nya.

  • mastergapteck

    ni uda install ulang mas .... tp ttp aja prmasalahan sama

  • liosouls

    Anti Virus / Firewall nya cb di disable, atau gmn2 ya cb check file, jelek2 ya download ulang clientnya, soalnya kl soal client sih cm itu masalahnya saya, install ulang, habis itu lancar.

  • mastergapteck

    ni aja sampai install ulang windows mas ... msh bersih blm ada apa2'nya tp msh ja ttp masalahax

  • mastergapteck

    makasi masukanx mas liosoul tp gmn lg uda install ulang window dan install ulang cabal tp pokok prmasalahanx msh ttp serupa

  • liosouls

    hmmmmm,,, ntr deh pas sempet tak upload in file cabal GSP nya saya, ini masih saya rar in dl. kl ttp ga bs jg, ganti kompi, hahaha...

  • mastergapteck

    @@ ... ya makasi klu mau tlgin ta tgg ya ...

  • liosouls

    ok, paling ga bsok ya, semoga koneksi tidak bermasalah buat upload. di rar jadi 5,6GB. hahaha.

  • mastergapteck

    ada FB tuk ngontak mas


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