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  • linhkentx

    i'm vietnamese and i'm not good at english. I have a question. I have 2 account and i have some  worth items. I want to give the item from second acc to first acc but somebody from vietnam has been block because they dont know the way to trade legally. So i dont know if i trade 2 slot nextender highest from my second acc to my  first acc with 0 alz . Do you ban my both my acc?

  • areyong i just wan to can i transfer my acc if my acc has been block in preivios server?

  • re1996

    I have a YouTube channel if the public a video and this achieves a good number of views and like and can receive some reward in the game?

  • keyoz921

    Please check the problem of cash shop!! i had purchase 6costume hanger ..but i get 1 only..

  • Jewel

    i purchased 2 unbinding stones, but only get one! pls return me 1 more!

  • firule

    i purchased 2 costume weapon last night but until now didn't receive ..pls check


  • keyoz921

    Many player having the problem bout purchasing item in cash shop!! Please Cabal GSP admin team!! atleast give an anouncement say tat u guys are working on it...


  • piano88cello

    Can you guys please reply requests at helpdesk?

  • keyoz921

    they got time to update such idiot announcement at facebook! but not even trying to let us know that they are doing the job or not..good job to any cabal stuff or admin


  • dicrainz

    help me sir my account blocked becouse im forget subb pass T_T

  • akirasho

    i aredy transfer my account from cabal sea..i only can only log in one time only..after that they said my IP has been blocked..please help akirasho


  • beta

    dear GM. there is a bug after MT last time. 

    bug : job Force Blader cant get astral enchant and BM 2 after BSLV. pls FIX it

  • xiiaogem

     I submit a request 2 day ago 
    Reply me “Your request (1312) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.“ only
    Will need to wait how many day???


  • dicrainz

    help me sir my account blocked becouse im forget subb pass T_T 

    look my email same whit my nick name... i'm not hack id people 

    my email

    im forget subb pass and bloked id cannot login 

  • thesai1314

    I submit a request 3 day before.. (1399), till now haven't get any response from EST cabal support team..

    Hope GM can look into this matter 

  • iblaze7x

    Submitted ticket but still no response or any answers 

  • qunxiong1

    pleases my trasnfer account vailed


  • murny

    i already trasfer account but i forgot subpassword now it blocked!! how can i unlock back that account please help!!!

  • kent28

    sir i failed to connect to your server please help


  • tadacdi2009

    toi toi ko hieu wrong lava soppassword worry list and have locked ac ca cua toi ko ma lay right next 40 dc or jiup I regained his evil

  • kirayamoto00

    why noone answer me?what the hell is that?i need your help GM but noone reply me.why?that's your way to do with your customer?

  • rrong

    gm please get back to us. my account blocked due to subpass failure. 

  • thyaforsoshi

    I have an experience issue during transfering my old cabal ID. All question, ID, and server were (absolutely) right, but still the page said "account not found". Please help and reply me ASAP.

  • mirazean1

    help gm can you cange help question in acc transfer wit kreon no 2

    - what is my mothers maiden name ? cange whit 

    - what is my mothers name ? because I can not transfer my account old cabal ID 

    please help quetion no 2 in traubell

  • AriAirA1042

    Warm regards
    please cabal account information when I could go back and I can use that in which the first at the beginning of the account transfer my account can not be opened due to be taken by someone else or called hackers.
    please be acted upon immediately.
    thank you

  • jack19280

    Kindly check if the merit system is in bug. Just added Expanded  Accuracy and attack rate but nothing changes on attack power.

  • rrong

    why make this help desk if you gms are not gonna help any of us here? i have submitted so many request. you guys even promise to check the help desk request on 27/9*.

    please. make a online chat for us. so we could at least get a reply and not just hoping for respone. 

  • vidasvades1

    ni segitu banyak permasalahn team cabal 2 not respon

  • iori07

    same bullshit different admin.... id #1744 over 3 months and still no response

  • tadacdi2009

    I have 1 nick cabal 3 this month locked please unlock my admin DC played ID information please email admin tadacdi2009 freed me because I was hard on DC 3 months now because suppoppassword thank admin

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